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Girly in my Boyfriend Jeans

The rumors are true. I love white. Okay, so maybe not rumors; it’s pretty obvious that white, gray, and a Lil bit of pinks are my go-to colors! You just can’t go wrong with white, especially in this damn Summer heat. No joke; this shoot looks all glamorous and awesome but this was one of […]


Happy Birthday ‘Merica! Ahhh that red, white, and blue! My 4th was rather chill, with a little movie date with the hubs and watching fireworks in the park behind our house. However, I did start the morning with a fun little hair day at the cutest PEACHY KEEN STUDIO (@peachykeenstudio)! I recently just got a […]

To Love Yourself Series

SELF LOVE is one of the hardest things to do. I used three different quotes for each picture on my Instagram. I chose these because these are thoughts that I have had before or sometimes still currently have. I hope this little series can be helpful to you if you ever have these feelings too!

How to ALWAYS slay your look

1: Keep your wardrobe fresh. It’s easy to let your closet get completely cluttered. Guilty as charged. We all need to periodically go through, clean out and add some new freshness! Have you ever looked in your closet and found a shirt that you literally wore in High School? Yeah, I’m also guilty as charged […]


I’m a watch gal for sure. I think watches are the easiest way to accessorize your outfit. I fell in love with MVMT when Greg bought me my first one for my birthday last year. It was small and sleek but still just enough to make a statement. Plus, it was white and gold and […]

Three different Gym Looks: by BETTER BODIES

I pick my outfits depending on my mood, which usually changes every two point five seconds it feels like (hormones). I also pick my gym outfits based on what I’ll be training that day. If it’s lower body, I’ll usually wear tights so that I know everything is covered up. If it’s upper body, I […]

My Wedding Dress

My dream dress. I’d be lying if I said it was what I had been dreaming of my whole life. To be honest with you, I hadn’t ever thought about what wedding dress I would wear until Greg proposed. For the longest time, I didn’t even want to get married! Well, that was until Greg […]

Music Festival Look!

My Summer Burst Music Festival outfit! My husband and I travel to Stockholm a lot for business. It just so happened that the music festival was going on at the tail end of our trip. It was a must-see. A check mark on bucket-list for me to attend a music festival in Europe! 50,000 people, […]