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Pre, Intra, and Post Workout Supplementation!

Taking the right supplements before, during, and after your workouts is one of the best ways to get the most out of your hard work. You are already doing the work, so you might as well make sure you’re taking advantage of the time in the gym by supporting it with high-quality supplements taken at […]


You may or may not have heard all of the ranting about a SWEET TOOTH HOTEL. I know when I first did, I asked…what is it? Where is it? Can I LIVE there, please? Call me a sweets freak! I love anything sweet. If I could, (by which I mean if I could without society […]

My $8 Outfit

Yes, hunny…you read that right. EIGHT DOL-LARS!!! When ROSS says “Dress for Less,” they mean it and I LOVE IT! Not everything cute has to be expensive. I’ve preached this forever but ladies, it’s true! I know some people say, “Ew, ROSS?” Why, though? I’ve never understood that. For example, the bartenders at the restaurant I […]


Dress it Up, Dress it Down What’s up, all my pretty little thangs? I am so stoked to write to you today about my favorite online shop ever! I have been shopping at PRETTY LITTLE THING  for about four years now and have really loved watching this brand grow. With 6M followers on Instagram, I’d […]

Dallas Posing Workshop Recap

Hey LADIES!! Wow; what a great time we had at my last Posing Workshop! For those that missed it, I sincerely hope you can join me in the future. We had just over 30 ladies join me at Dana’s Studio of Dance and we had an absolute blast. Check out the video! We went over every […]

Guest post: Coffee Over Cardio

Good morning, Coffee Lovers! My name is Abbey Scott and I am the founder of Coffee Over Cardio – an online coffee company! I was living in NYC in early 2017, working at an investment bank, and spending WAY too much money on coffee when my boyfriend jokingly said to me, “You drink so much […]


Can we please just start this blog out with a moment of silence. . . . AMEN! Ha-ha. I mean, but seriously this is one of those outfits that the longer you wear it, the better it gets. First the pattern, then the flow, omg; wait, there are slits?! Okay, before I give all the […]

Girly in my Boyfriend Jeans

The rumors are true. I love white. Okay, so maybe not rumors; it’s pretty obvious that white, gray, and a Lil bit of pinks are my go-to colors! You just can’t go wrong with white, especially in this damn Summer heat. No joke; this shoot looks all glamorous and awesome but this was one of […]