Three Common Questions from my Online Training Clients

Hey There! All of the lovely ladies enrolled in my online training programs are getting great results and having fun trying new fitness routines. The app I’m using, powered by Trainerize, is simply awesome. You pop the app open when you get to the gym, have your workout right in your hand, easily access instructional videos if you don’t recognize the name of an exercise, and track your reps and weights. If you’re on the fence or even if you’re already enrolled, I wanted to share three common questions I get from my online personal training clients.



1. How long until I see results?

I get it; you wanted the body of your dreams yesterday. LOL. We are going to put you on a fast track to results, and most importantly, LASTING results. I never coach shortcuts. You might lose weight really fast on a starvation diet or extreme exercise programs, but it’s proven that 99% of the time, those diets leave their followers in worse shape than when they started within six weeks after the program ends.  You will FEEL a difference first in as little as one to two weeks and I’m not just talking about soreness (though you will probably feel that too!). You should start to feel hungrier, you should sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day. This initial process is your metabolism getting revved up and your body going through the transformation of switching to a state that’s pro lean muscle and anti-fat storage. But remember: “a watched pot never boils.” Don’t look in the mirror every day and ask yourself, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Give it time. Follow your program and live your life. The results will come. If you follow this training program and use the diet guidelines provided for eight, 12, or 16 weeks, you will have MAJOR changes.

2. With all of this heavy lifting, won’t I get bulky?

Muscle is very hard to gain for most women. Even for most men. Some of you that respond very well to resistance training may have to be more careful than others, but that’s a very small percentage of women. Chances are YOU do not have to worry about getting bulky. Especially if you’re following a clean diet. If you train smart, eat smart, and do your cardiovascular work, you should tighten, tone, and look leaner. For those girls wanting to add muscle, you will have to EAT your way to those muscle gains. Muscle grows when you’re in a calorie surplus. For those looking to make a transformation or get leaner, you will not be in a calorie surplus very often, if at all.  It doesn’t happen by accident and you won’t wake up one day wondering where all the extra muscle came from. I PROMISE!


3. How many calories should I be eating?

I get this question a lot. I know the diet piece of the equation is the most difficult to stick to AND to figure out. I only wish I had the time and skills to provide each of you with a custom diet, but I have to pass the responsibility back to you for this. Think of this as an opportunity to learn your body, as opposed to taking the easy road and just being told what to do. I recommend tracking your food, even when you stray from the diet, so you know what’s going in. Only when you know what you’re eating can you make a proper assessment. Here’s a formula I like to use though, just to give you some extra guidance.

Multiply your bodyweight by ten. Then Multiply your bodyweight by 14. This should give you a range of calories. Depending on your body type and your goals, you will likely need to stay in this range. Many of you trying to get lean and make a transformation will want to be closer to the ten number.


130lbs x 14 = 1820 Calories

In this example, this 130 lb. individual should consume somewhere between 1300 and 1820 calories per day.

I hope that helps! If you haven’t gotten started on a training program yet, what are you waiting for? You can sign up today right HERE.

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