Spaced out in 1955

How cool would it be to go back to the 50s? Right? Poodle skirts, late nights at diners drinking milkshakes. How cool would it be to hop into the future? Space and alien creatures. Now, how cool would it be to visit both at the same time?
Well, I did! Let’s use our imagination, shall we?… Or don’t, and just enjoy my pictures!

DINER: I hopped into my spaceship and went back to 1955. It was a long journey; so straight off my ship, I stopped at a diner for some pie.

RAINBOW ROCKET: Tired from my trek, but off to the Sweet Tooth Hotel I go.

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION: Shamstones, space amoeba, alien fungi, oh my!

BLOW: Lollipops and Monroe vibes.

THE GREENHOUSE OASIS: Time for some television.

ASTRAL PALS: Made some new friends.

What a trip! From each new place to each new friend, I can’t wait to do it again! I will say that this voyage made me have a sweet tooth. So, I’ll be stopping for a quick snack before heading back. Give me cupcakes, icing, and all the sweet things for this journey home.

Farewell, Sweet Tooth Hotel! Oh, and a box of Astro Puffs to-go!

All Photos by: @Mikelam_
Installs and Art: @SweetToothHotel

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