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AMEN! Ha-ha. I mean, but seriously this is one of those outfits that the longer you wear it, the better it gets. First the pattern, then the flow, omg; wait, there are slits?! Okay, before I give all the goods, let me tell you how I found it.  I got this little dime piece while Greg and I were in Maui as we were wasting time waiting on our flight back home. I know; perfect timing, right? (huge eye roll here) There was a cute little boutique store in the shopping mall down the street from where we were staying. As soon as I walked in, I walked directly back out and hollered at Greg… “I’m going to be in here for a minute,” …code for sit down, hold my bags, and give me the CC.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a huge fan of anything flowy, pants, and if it’s a boutique where not many will have it…SOLD! This store had all of the above plus some. So many pant sets, crop tops, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and all FLOWY! I limited myself to trying on just four outfits; trust me, there were many more in mind, this set being the first pick. I originally tried it on with the matching print top. Now I do love some print on print action but something just wasn’t flowing right on me. So I chose four other solid black tops that I thought would pair just as well. After some major decision making (PS: I’m the absolute WORST at making decisions on anything), I then finally decided on this off-the-shoulder cropped, bell sleeved, little piece of heaven top! Oh, for the LOVE of Bell Sleeves. My dad swears I should have been raised in the 60s and 70s and sometimes I like to think that I was in another life. Ha-ha.

Okay, so I now had a complete set and I just knew I couldn’t go home without it! It didn’t help that there were now a group of girls also in the store shopping and rooting me on every time I stepped out of the dressing room. Women supporting women…I like that shit. Needless to say, I was in love and my cheerleaders persuaded me that it should be mine.

Now is where I give you all the goods. PS…I also had a very difficult time deciding on whether I should talk about the top or pants first. They are both so adorable and I just didn’t know. The bell sleeves and cropped, oh but, the print and yesss, yess the slits!  See. Too much back and forth has taken place, so we will start from top to bottom like a normal human being.


First, I am seriously considering asking my website designer to include a “touch” feature because this fabric is to die for! Made of 100% rayon, it’s the softest, lightest weight, most relaxed fabric, I’ve ever worn. Perfect material for keeping you cool on those hot summer days. Okay, you probably don’t care about the fabric, so let’s just get to these freaking amazing sleeves! Now, I have a lot of shirts with flowy or bell sleeves but these are on another level. They are massive and hang down below your hands, making twirling and arm movement even more fun. Not that I need any help moving my arms any more BUT hey, when your feelin’ sassy, just OWN IT! Now, who doesn’t love a good off the shoulder top?  Summer or not, the off the shoulder look is definitely on trend and looks good on anybody, in my opinion.  Speaking of Summer looks, the cropped top is the perfect way to get that vibe, paired with any high waisted bottoms. Which brings me to the best part of this outfit…the pants!

BAGGY SPOTS: Diamond Dot Pants

Maybe we should do another moment of silence for these bad boys. I mean, dang. These are what brought me into the store in the first place. I walked by and saw these on display and did one of those my body is still walking but my eyes and head have stayed behind things. That’s also the moment Greg knew he was screwed. Ha-ha! It wasn’t until the past two years that I really started to embrace “prints.” I think they have to be done the right way. These days, print is in and if you are brave, mixed print too! Dots however, have always been “in fashion.” It’s like Christian Dior says in his book The Little Dictionary of Fashion, “They are lovely, elegant, easy, and always in fashion. I never get tired of dots.” They are high waisted with a little zipper on the side and a waist band that you can tie in the front or the back, depending on your vibe. Made from the same cool, soft fabric as the top, these big ol’ flowy pants could easily be mistaken for a maxi skirt. It was at the moment I stepped foot out of the dressing room that I realized these pants were in fact pants and even more amazing than I was always already thinking. SPLITS!? The pants are completely split open from the ground to high thigh! Basically, what we have here is a hybrid of Pants / Shorts / Maxi Skirt. Insert shocked emoji face here. SOLD!

This outfit is by far the most fun outfit I’ve ever owned. It just makes me happy. PERIOD. The absolute perfect vacation, beach, travel getaway outfit for any woman. Though, I don’t live near any beaches, don’t doubt that I would rock this little number anywhere in the city! Hope you enjoy this look as much as I do and I hope you get to twirl in something similar too because every girl deserves that feeling!


Much love,

Photos by: Mike Lam


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