Girly in my Boyfriend Jeans

The rumors are true. I love white. Okay, so maybe not rumors; it’s pretty obvious that white, gray, and a Lil bit of pinks are my go-to colors! You just can’t go wrong with white, especially in this damn Summer heat. No joke; this shoot looks all glamorous and awesome but this was one of the hottest days on a rooftop in Texas. The sweat was real. I thought if you wore lighter colors, it was supposed to be cooler? Ha-ha; well, guess I’ll stop complaining about the heat. I mean, I begged for it to be Summer, so beggars can’t be choosers.

The real reason for this blog is for the outfit, I promise. As I mentioned, I love white, gray, and pink…girly colors, for the most part. While I am very girly, I love getting dressed up, doing my nails, getting my hair done, all the works. I am very much “bruh” too. I’m not afraid to get sweaty, work hard, ride motorcycles, cuss, and burp (not being sarcastic there). I’m a hang with the “boys” kind of gal. Who says you can’t do both? If anyone tries to tell me differently, it usually ends with “watch me.”

That’s how this look was born. I can’t think of a more girly, but not, outfit! AKA cute and comfortable. How do you pull that off and be stylish without looking sloppy, though?
Overall, I have a balance of some girly elements and not so girly elements in this look.

Here’s a little breakdown:


  1. Overall color scheme with baby pinks, whites, and gray because pastels are always a great way to look girly.
  2. Rose gold accessories to spice up the outfit and bring out that baby pink element. Sunglasses, bracelets, earrings, and watches…pretty much accessorizing 101.
  3. Bright blonde (or whatever color; there is no discrimination here, ladies) Curly Hair to dress it up a little bit. Curls for the girls, right? Lol.
  4. A fuzzy purse for all of my crap because yeah, us women need that.


  1. Ripped up boyfriend jeans. Comfort is numero uno, always, for me. These over-sized, hole jeans pretty much equal walking around in underwear. Plus, they just look so cool.
  2. A bodysuit which could be considered the girly side because I wanted something more form fitting at the top with the lose baggy pants for a more put together look. However, the “boy” side is saying the less you have to worry about, the better and moving around freely without worrying if your shirt is wrinkled or moving is A+.
  3. Sneakers. I’m always on the go. I love wearing heels but I’m not wearing them just to stroll around town. They are for special events or if I need to be dressed “up.” Although, heels with this outfit would be totally rad too!
  4. Scrunchy. I never know what activity I’ll get into next, so I’m always prepared. Yes, scrunchies ARE a thang and you know within two hours of your hair down that shit is going up; so get one!

So, who says you can’t have comfort and style?

This look is perfect for any Traveler, Tom-Boy, Fashionista, Athlete, Moms, or on the Go Boss Babe! No matter what you are doing for the day, casual or not, putting yourself together is always a great way to set the tone.


Photos by: Mike Lam
Jeans: FOREVER 21
Bodysuit: EXPRESS
Icon Sunnies: MVMT
Leo Watch: MVMT
Knot Cuff: MVMT 

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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    I love it! I like to see beautiful women all dressed up, but the laid back look is awesome as well! I mean hell who don’t like comfy!!! So from your number one fan I give it two thumbs up( cuz that’s all I got)! Keep doing what you do…. luv ya hollaaaaaaa


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