How to ALWAYS slay your look

1: Keep your wardrobe fresh.

It’s easy to let your closet get completely cluttered. Guilty as charged. We all need to periodically go through, clean out and add some new freshness! Have you ever looked in your closet and found a shirt that you literally wore in High School? Yeah, I’m also guilty as charged on that one too. Now don’t get me wrong, vintage is in and sometimes that can be a good thing to hang on to some items. Just be sure it’s something that you really aren’t ready to part with. I like to use the 1 for 1 rule of thumb. If I buy 1 new shirt, I need to get rid of 1 shirt. If I buy 1 new pair of pants, I get rid of 1 pair, so on and so on. Of course, you can always get rid of more but that’s your minimum! I’m not much on resale shops as I think it’s more of hassle and you never really get what it’s worth anyways. There is no better feeling than taking a big ol bag to a local donation center knowing someone out there is going to be clothed. Good deed, check. Closet cleaned out, check!

2: Know your setting.

Where are you going? What is the atmosphere? Is it outside or inside? How’s the weather? These are all questions you should ask yourself when choosing your little number. If I am not familiar with the environment of where I am going I always google it. I like to look at pictures and see what the mood is. This is always helpful to know if I need to dress up or dress down. Knowing if it is outside or inside is very important because well weather. Do I need to bring a light jacket or is blazing hot so wear light colors and sleeveless? It’s on a golf course, great I’ll wear flats or blocked heels. It’s also how I like to make sure I’m color coordinating. To some people that doesn’t matter but, if you want that picture for the gram to look on fleek, being in sync is a plus!

3: Plan ahead.

How many times have you had an outfit picked out in your head, you get it on step in front of the mirror take one look and just say, “stupid”. What the hell was I even thinking? As much as we would like to think that it’ll plan like it does in our head that is just not the reality. Try your outfits on ahead of time. Don’t have that time or just found out about somewhere you need to be? Lay it out on the bed! This will help you see the entire outfit together. I’m talking the top, bottom, shoes, and jewelry. Have a backup plan, a Plan B outfit just in case. Put it all together because we all know you are bound to change your mind at the last minute. Which bring me to the next step. [emaillocker]

4: Allow plenty of get ready time.

Procrastinators. UGH! You probably roll your eyes here like yeah Tawna you don’t procrastinate. No. I don’t. I cannot stand the feeling of being rushed! How do you expect to look EXTRA if you have to slap everything together at the last minute? That’s a good way to show up late and turn up pissy! I don’t need any more help on either of those. Back to that outfit change. That moment you realize you hate what you had picked out. Outfit change 3, 4, and now 5 just took about 30 min. off your get ready process and has now sent you into a complete frenzy which usually turns into you screaming, crying, or complaining to BAE that you have nothing in your closet. Which we know the poor guy uses the extra bedroom closet, so let’s not even go there. Moral of the story spare yourself the drama and start early!

I know that it usually takes me a solid 1.5 hours to get ready. That’s hair, makeup, outfit, and possibly a change. I always give myself an extra 30 min. for cushion. If you don’t know your time yet play with it. Start with an hour and a half. If you get done early, then great! Early is better than late and next time you know that you could cut down some. If you find that your screaming “ALMOST” and slamming it in, then start a little earlier next time diva… haha kidding!

5: Pay attention to detail.

Details matter honey. It is not slaying if you show up with strings, tags, wrinkles, or stains. Check for those little things. Don’t rip your tags off cut them. Don’t pull your strings out trim them. If you have a stain and you have time spot treat it or wash it. Do not just rub some water on it and go. More than likely you did not get it and now you are walking around with a huge wet circle AND a stain. Your outfit will wrinkle no doubt. Throwing things in the dryer doesn’t always get it and sometimes depending on the item you can’t dry them! Ironing is horrid. Omg, I don’t care how long you have been doing it that thing is not forgiving. Leave it too long, now you have a burn mark and that shirt is ruined. If you don’t have it on the ironing board just right you may end up with more creases that are so pressed it looks worse than it did to begin with. There is no reversing that. The best investment I have ever made is a steamer! I LOVE my steamer. I have two different ones. One is a professional stand up steamer with a stand and hose. The other is a portable hand help steamer. Both work magic, easy to use, and are very forgiving on mistakes!

6: Proper fit is key.

Knowing your size is sometimes a difficult thing. If your body fluctuates, if you are an in between size, if you are on the taller or shorter side it’s hard to know just how everything will fit. Especially with us women who usually have a bigger lower half and smaller upper body. Don’t just buy a size “that works”. There is such a thing as too small or too big. For me, being more on the athletic side with muscle tone and a tiny waist it seems like NOTHING ever fits. I also do a lot of shopping ONLINE! Yes, ladies I know that sounds like the scariest thing in the World to not be able to see what it looks like on but, I’ll let you in on my little secret. Tailoring, I get just about everything tailored. Whether that is shopping online or I am buying it in the store directly I will usually end up getting it sized for me. Example, I bought a jumpsuit in a size 8, I wear a size 2. I took it to my local tailor (which I would do some research on to make sure they know what they are doing), they took that sucker down 2 sized and I had a perfectly fit jumpsuit for my birthday dinner! Now you don’t have to get everything tailored, that is just an option. Just be aware when you are trying clothes on or ordering online. You want your clothes to fit you and your body shape. Which brings me to my final step and what I feel is the most important!

7: Stay fit and active.

We are all shaped differently. Whether that is hips, waist, legs or torso lengths. I’m not talking about our frames or how we are built. I’m talking about that feeling when you look in the mirror and say damn I look good. That confidence in yourself that not only does your outfit look on point but YOU slay in it! When you pull those jeans on and they just button right up. The dress that when you turn to the side you don’t pat your baby belly (food or actual baby). We want our clothes to fit right but, we should stay on top of it. If we look good, then we feel good! Not just on the appearance but, inside and overall health. Ladies endorphins are REAL! It’s such an accomplishing and empowering feeling to know you are taking care of your body for the long run!
You don’t have to be a size 0 or where an XS to look good. We all have that area where we know we feel good. Stay active, and make healthy choices. You do what works best for you baby girl, where you feel your best![/emaillocker]


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