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My Summer Burst Music Festival outfit! My husband and I travel to Stockholm a lot for business. It just so happened that the music festival was going on at the tail end of our trip. It was a must-see. A check mark on bucket-list for me to attend a music festival in Europe! 50,000 people, bass pounding, in the middle of an open field with a huge stage, insane lighting, it felt like how I have imagined Woodstock! We saw DJ’s Deadmau5, David Guetta, and the Biebs! You can’t live in this generation and not see Justin Bieber. It. Was. EPIC!

I have been wanting to go to the Coachella Music Festival for quite some time but have never made the trip, so for my look inspiration I wanted to incorporate that Chella-vibe in my outfit. Now in Sweden their summer isn’t very “warm” (did I mention it was outside?) I knew I’d have to dress for the weather which wasn’t the blazing Texas heat I’m used to, or the cool Cali Breeze like at Coachella. Looking at the forecast it was going to be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit with some small rain in the morning. That’s during the day at night it gets down in the 50s with possible drizzle!? I knew one thing for sure jeans and light jacket! I’m not playing with wet AND cold! With it being outside and I know how messy your clothes can get at any outside event much less ata music festival with all the jumping, stomping, shuffling and alcohol filled shenanigans. I also knew black would be the color of choice! I decided to add silver/metal to look to break it up and add some of that “gypsy” feel. Now that I knew the basic inspo it was time piece the outfit together!

All of my outfit details are at the bottom. 

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From the bottom up, here the deets!


I had bought these metallic silver sneakers from URBAN OG for a previous music festival we went to for NYE. They were shiny, comfortable and cheap! Just what I needed for the all-night fiasco. $20 girls, and I wore them TWICE! I’m always down for a good deal and multiple wears? Yes, please!


Ok, hands down my favorite part of this outfit. I mean…fringe jeans. C’mon that is music festival 101! Now, I had brought a couple of other pairs with me to Stockholm but, I of course went shopping. Duh. I stumbled across these bad boys at ZARA for $30! Which, I honestly didn’t know we had ZARA here in the states but, thankfully we do! You should have seen me in the dressing room I was twisting and dancing! High waisted, stretchy material, and of course fringe down both sides of the legs. They were freaking perfect, SOLD!

TOP 1:

I knew I wanted to wear a crop top with the high waisted jeans. I was so excited to wear this black mesh bralette. When Greg and I went to Thailand we made some amazing friends while there. Through that friendship, I got introduced to a great Swim/Bra line, ZAZZIE in Bangkok.  This was one of the tops I bought from them! The mesh cut out with an open back, life! It even has pads in the front so I was very supported!

TOP 2:

Yes, 2 tops. This second bralette was purely for looks! With black jeans and then a black top I wanted to separate with more of that silver metal. PRETTYLITTLETHING is the Music Festival Outfit Go-To and that’s exactly where I went. I looked online and they were having a 50% OFF sale, I knew I was screwed. Found it for $26…you do the math. I had seen this on their IG and knew it was the perfect accessory! It is exactly what you think it is. A chain, metal, silver bralette. It was edgy, I loved it.


Believe it or not, I already had this big ol’ metal bib. I had always wanted one. I think they look so cute with a plain white tee or a casual dress. I found this at Earthbound Trading Co. on Greg and I’s one year anniversary trip in Lake Tahoe. In the back. On the sale wall. For $14! At first I was worried if it would be “too much metal” going on. The necklace then the bra next to it….who am I kidding we’re going to a music festival! Crazy, different, weird is totally acceptable and I wanted it wild!


Well, it rained. Like full-on torrential down pour. With nowhere to go but just stand there and accept it. I was SO glad for my little leather jacket. Not only did it play as an umbrella for part of the night it was the completion of this entire look! A silver metallic leather jacket. Where did I get it?

This is the best part. Christmas present from my mom about mehhhhh 5 years ago. She got it at Marshalls!


For my hair, I did a half up half down top bun with “twist braided” sections. I didn’t want to wear it totally up but knew I wanted it out of my face. Makeup I went bold with pink and used my ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS “Modern Renaissance Pallete.”

It was one wild night. One for the books. Another check off the bucket list! My outfit was fun, comfortable, weather ready and I danced like no one was looking in it!


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