Three different Gym Looks: by BETTER BODIES

I pick my outfits depending on my mood, which usually changes every two point five seconds it feels like (hormones). I also pick my gym outfits based on what I’ll be training that day. If it’s lower body, I’ll usually wear tights so that I know everything is covered up. If it’s upper body, I will wear a cut off or tank top so I feel comfortable moving around. Usually something like that.

Just because I’m going to the gym and going to get sweaty doesn’t mean I want to look slouchy. Of course, I’m there to get shit done. I know the saying is if you are, “there looking pretty, then you’re there for the wrong reasons.” Well, I dress up because it makes me feel good about MYSELF, not to impress anyone else. Let’s face it, sometimes a new outfit or a cute one is motivation to get to the gym anyway! Most of us women find excuses to wear our new little numbers, so if that means you get your tushy to the gym then by all means hunny…slayyyy your gym look!

Here are three different looks you could wear to the gym to kill your workout and still look cute.


Photos by: JEN CASTRO




The PERFORMANCE HALTER is one of my favorite tank tops. The material is so soft and it’s made with a fabric that doesn’t hold in all the sweat. This new high cut is so flattering for the neckline and shoulders and it doesn’t rub. It’s long enough to cover your stomach and doesn’t hunch up during your workout. I’ve even worn this shirt as a regular top with jeans!

The MADISON SHORTS complete this sporty look! Shorts can be “scary” to wear to the gym for most girls I know. These are great though because they are very flowy and loose. The length is shorter in the front and longer in the back, so no worries on the cheeks hanging out. ; ) I would only wear them on my upper body days or maybe cardio or running. I did mention they were very flowy and open, so I just would be careful not to wear them on movements like leg presses or hip thrusts. Overall comfort, A +.


Who said Camo had to be just “hardcore?” You can look pretty in this White Camo and oh, what a stand out! My favorite part about this outfit is that you can totally go from the gym to the streets.

The CHELSEA HALTER is the perfect crop top. Just long enough to wear, it doesn’t feel like a sports bra, yet, it still has that bra feeling with the Razor cut front and back. You want to know a little secret too? I never wear a bra with these tops! This fabric is thick enough that you cannot tell. I’m telling you! Now, I’m not saying it gives the support of a bra but, for me, if I’m already wearing something tight fitting, I don’t want to add on top of that.

The CAMO HIGH TIGHTS are just as amazing. First answer before you even ask it is no, they are not see through. I know, I know, an all-white outfit, no bra, and the tights are NOT see through? I am telling you though…it’s true! I will say I do wear panties with these. HAHA! They are high waisted, which I’m a sucker for. It’s just so flattering on every body type and it’s perfect to wear with the crop top so you don’t have too much skin showing. A little more on the compression side, which is great because it’s good for keeping it looking nice and tight and great for training and blood flow.


This is my favorite look because every woman should feel like a badass one. The comfort level is out of control and an all grey outfit just makes me happy. ☺

The SPORTS BRA: If you want a bra to hold the girls in place, this is the one. It has similar functions to a normal bra but with sports bra support! It has three different hook-and-eyes so you can tighten around the bottom like a normal bra does. It also has adjustable straps to tighten and loosen for extra support. I love the mesh detailing on the back and anything grey is A-Okay in my book.

The ASTORIA CURVE TIGHTS: As if I haven’t already ranted and raved about these enough. THESE ARE THE BEST TIGHTS IN THE WORLD! Yeah, I said it. Try them and tell me otherwise. I posted these on my Instagram when they first came out and said I feel naked in them. I still stand by that. Again, this grey color is LIFE but don’t let that scare you. The material absorbs most of the sweat and doesn’t just sit on it, so the “swamp ass” look is not likely. (I’m not saying it won’t happen to some degree, but it’s less than your average cotton grey leggings). I don’t even know how to explain the comfort on them, let’s just say, “There is so much room for activities!” This fabric is so soft, so stretchy, and breathable. The waist band is mid waist and stretchy and loose as well. Every woman should own a pair of these, or one in every color for that matter. 


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