Trespassing…in heels and a skirt

Maybe the purple hair has me feeling some type of way. Maybe I just like the idea of being a rebel. Either way, I’m feeling all sorts of edgy with my new do and this look. Winter is com…winter is here! Sometimes wearing sweaters is hard. Like, do I tuck it all in, half in, front in, let it all hang out? It’s a bit confusing. Really…just like anything, there are no set rules. It’s up to you and your personal style! For me, sometimes wearing it all out makes me feel fluffy or slouchy; so I usually like to tuck a side in or all in.

Today on the blog I’m showing you one of my favorite and simple ways to style a sweater for the winter!

This was yet another bargain find at FOREVER21 . Again, sleeves. Just look at them! HUGE, oversized, belled sleeves always for this win. I really love the texture of this sweater; it’s not a heavy material, so you won’t get too hot and it’s so soft, not an itchy wool texture. White in winter? Actually, it makes perfect sense if you really think about it! I’ve never followed the no white after Labor Day “rule.” Rules…ha! Who says???

I paired the sweater with one of my favorite leather skirts ever from GENUINE PEOPLE. I’ve blogged about this fringed skirt before and I’ll blog about it again. You are probably thinking, a skirt in the winter? Well, yes, that can be a bit sketchy but that’s kind of the point with this whole “trespassing, bad girl” vibe. Honestly, it’s hard to always dress for the winter and look cute. Layers, bulky coats, scarves, pants. The skirt is a great way to spiff up the sweater! Add some ankle, knee, or even thigh-high boots and you’ll be fine, girl. Besides, you are more than likely just hopping from your Uber to your destination, so really you are only cold for about 2.5 seconds, to be exact. Lol.

I knew I wanted a boot and as I mentioned, you could totally get away with any length for this look. I had these fringe ankle boots from HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS  though and I mean, fringe on fringe? YASS!!

This time of year is tough to dress for. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel worth the hassle of dressing for the weather. That doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up. Get out there, make some bad decisions (wisely please), and live a little. I know this look is a bit against the “fashion rulebook.” Remember in my book, there are no rules, and if you want to be a bit of a rule breaker…this is such an easy, stylish, and semi weather friendly outfit. You are a big girl, you make your own decisions, and I say OWN IT!

Photos by: @mikelam_


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